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Alicia & Glenn Wedding – Khayangan Estate, Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Alicia & Glenn got married in the stunning Khayangan Estate in Uluwatu, Bali – just look at it!
It was my first time visiting Bali and I was taken aback by how nice all the locals were, it really is a special place. Alicia had planned the day down to a tee, including designing all of  the wedding stationary, which you can check out below.

One thing we did find out was that when it rains in Bali, it really rains, and even after being forced inside due to a number of downpours, it didnt dampen spirits and was still a really fun day.

Thank you Alicia & Glenn for the chance to shoot your day in such a great setting, it was an amazing experience, and thanks to all your friends and family for making me feel so welcome.

DSC_5323 DSC_5343 DSC_5347 Alicia&Glenn_Wedding-88 Bali_Wedding_Photographer_Melbourne_Destination_Uluwatu_Khayangan_Estate6 Alicia&Glenn_Wedding-24 Alicia&Glenn_Wedding-46 Alicia&Glenn_Wedding-47 Alicia&Glenn_Wedding-44 Bali_Wedding_Photographer_Melbourne_Destination_Uluwatu_Khayangan_Estate18 Bali_Wedding_Photographer_Melbourne_Destination_Uluwatu_Khayangan_Estate19 Bali_Wedding_Photographer_Melbourne_Destination_Uluwatu_Khayangan_Estate30 Alicia&Glenn_Wedding-45 Bali_Wedding_Photographer_Melbourne_Destination_Uluwatu_Khayangan_Estate33 Click here to see the full set of images »

Lydia, Maryanne & Paul – Mornington, Melbourne > Family Photography

Family Photography, when I used to think of what that meant I’d always think of those studio pictures that parents would have been talked into spending $$$/£££’s on for a handful of prints, often including a picture of the whole family stacked on top of each other all ‘smiling’ at the camera. so funny.

You know the ones, your parents may even have some of their own.

Well I’m hoping to offer some different Family Photography – I have begun offering a photo session for families that I approach in the same relaxed, easy style that I do my Weddings. Maryanne and Paul got in touch a little while ago as they have had an addition to their family, little Lydia. I went down to Mornington and hung out at their house for the morning, capturing them in the familiar, comfort of their own home after which we went to see the Grandparents who live round the corner, then a little walk down to the beach, finishing with some gardening back in their garden.

We had a really fun day, as expected Lydia stole the show – ‘those eyes’!

I’m free for bookings of family shoots & weddings both in London while I’m back there for all of July & August this year, followed by Melbourne from September onwards. I’ll be updating my website with the Family Portrait details/costs so keep an eye out for that, or you can just email me on with any questions or enquiries.

Thank y’all… now over to Lydia

: )

Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-2 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-8 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-11-2 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-18-2 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-21 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-23 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-24 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-25 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-27 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-29 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-33 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-31 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-37 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-41 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-43 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-48 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-52 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-49 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-59 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-63 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-68 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-70 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-85 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-87 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-92 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-94 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-95 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-99 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-100 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-105 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-113 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-117 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-126 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-138 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-141 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-154 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-159 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-162 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-165 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-172-2 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-185 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-189 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-196 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-200 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-203 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-204 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-205 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-210 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-215 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-219 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-221 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-224-2 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-226 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-229 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-232 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-235 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-237 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-238 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-239 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-240 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-243 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-257 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-261 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-266 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-275 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-272 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-284 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-285 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-287 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-290 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-294 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-298 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-296-2 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-302 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-308 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-309 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-311 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-314 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-317 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-322 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-331 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-334 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-336 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-345 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-346 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-344 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-340 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-350 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-357 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-359 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-361 Lydia, Maryanne & Paul-367

Tammy & Hamish Wedding – Sandbar Beach Cafe, Middle park, Melbourne

Tammy & Hamish were guests at the beautiful wedding of Lucy & Max that I shot last year in Sandergrove, South Australia.
It’s always nice to get to shoot a previous guest’s wedding – they’ve seen how you work on the day, along with seeing the pictures, and they are impressed with everything enough to book you for their own day – always very flattering.

Sandbar in Middle Park was the venue for the ceremony and reception on the day, with the weather turning out absolutely perfect.

I’ll leave you with Tammy’s feedback she sent after seeing the full set of pictures
“We LOVE them all! You’ve captured our feelings on the day and we couldn’t be happier. So many beautiful and fun photos with our family and friends. THANK YOU so much!”

Tammy&Hamish_Wedding-9 Tammy&Hamish_Wedding-7 Tammy&Hamish_Wedding-5 Tammy&Hamish_Wedding-6 Tammy&Hamish_Wedding-49 Tammy&Hamish_Wedding-50 Click here to see the full set of images »

Charlotte & Dan – The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo, Melbourne CBD

Charlotte & Dan got married in the funky Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo, an awesome factory-turned-chapel in the heart of the CBD in Melbourne, it has an awesome aesthetic for weddings plus great light which is always handy for photos. After the ceremony and some formals, we took a walk through the city for the reception at Trunk Town on Exhibition Street – thanks for a great day both of you, you were loads of fun, what a good city wedding!

Enjoy the photos y’all

Charlotte&Dan_Wedding-1 Charlotte&Dan_Wedding-10 Charlotte&Dan_Wedding-14 Charlotte&Dan_Wedding-6 Charlotte&Dan_Wedding-13 Charlotte&Dan_Wedding-15 Charlotte&Dan_Wedding-21-2 Click here to see the full set of images »

Nicole & Omar – Ballast Point Park, Balmain, Sydney

Nicole is a sister of a dear friend of mine, which is how she came across my wedding photography. Nicole & Omar had decided on a small wedding of around 25 guests, where they both got ready in her mother’s home with little rushing around in the day, aside from getting to the neighbouring Ballast Point Park park in Balmain for the ceremony, right on the water’s edge – after which we all headed to Efendy’s Turkish Restaurant for the reception.

I wanted to share with you all Nicole’s email to me after receiving the full set of photos – thank you Nicole for such kind words : )

‘Nabeel! We just went through them all. WOW!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! We are blown way. And how did you manage to make our dinky little home look so cute?! 

I’ve never had such great photos of my family, friends and the way you captured our day was perfect. I’m so happy and grateful to you!
Thank you!’

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Nicole&Omar_Wedding-1 Nicole&Omar_Wedding-2 Nicole&Omar_Wedding-8 Nicole&Omar_Wedding-11 Nicole&Omar_Wedding-17 Nicole&Omar_Wedding-20 Nicole&Omar_Wedding-22 Click here to see the full set of images »

Anna Maihi - Beautiful pictures,as always! Love your work.

Emma Burrell - What a beautiful bride and groom, looked like a beautiful day. Smashed it Nabeel! x

Meg Le Vu - Love it Nicole!

Amy Port - amazing.