Claire, Muz, Luca & Sasha – Tunbridge Wells, Kent [Family Photography]

Claire & Muz booked me to come out to their house in  Tunbridge Wells, Kent to shoot their two boys Luca & Sasha. It was a hot summer’s day and the boys are at that great age where they still have no fear of the camera when it’s aimed right at them, in fact they kind of love it, and they’re also old enough to genuinely make me laugh with their banter and perfectly, ridiculous thoughts.

It was nice to be invited into their home and hang out on the trampoline and in the paddling pool – it all felt perfectly intimate, while also being mental, high-energy fun.

I often like to start shoots in the family’s home as there’s a sense of comfort that I feel shines through in the photos, and I get to capture shots of the kids in a truly, genuine and natural setting. If you’d like to find out more about booking your own Family Photo shoot  or would like to gift a shoot to another family, you can find details over on my Family Photography Packaging & Pricing page.

Thanks for having me a part of the family for the day guys.

Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-1 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-5 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-7 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-11 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-12 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-23 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-72 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-27 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-84 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-85-2 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-86 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-88 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-53 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-90 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-98 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-127 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-125 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-136-2 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-139 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-146 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-152 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-158 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-159-2 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-161-2 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-167 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-170 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-184 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-192 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-202 Claire_Muz_Luca_&Sasha-197

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